Personal Professional Workshop

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Personal Professional is a workshop about not just building a photography business ... but building one that you will LOVE. If you day dream about having a photography business but don't know how to get started ... Or if you are a professional photographer who feels stuck, burned out, tired or unappreciated ... Then this workshop will serve you as a source of inspiration and refreshment. We will engage in conversation about developing your point of view as an artist, creating a brand that reflects who you are and attracts the right clients for you, structuring your business to have momentum, key elements of marketing and advertising, and more.

We will also venture out to a styled wedding photo shoot that we will photograph together as a group. I will give you tips and guidance on how to approach certain moments of the wedding day from the beginning to the end. I will also discuss lens choices, posing, and building relationships with your clients.

  • Upcoming Personal Professional Details:

    October 27, 2012 from 9am-7pm
    Knoxville Convention Center
    Tuition is $425
    Lunch will be provided.

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From the students:

  • "Julie's Personal Professional Workshop helped me to discover my fears, move past them, and be introduced to a NEW and refreshing freedom behind my camera. Her natural free spirit is highly engaging and motivating, and I am happy to say after the class I am seeing my business and its future in a even brighter light than before."   -   Megan (Break the Mold Photo)
  • "After working on my business for almost three years, I finally had the direction and focus I needed after attending the workshop. Julie's exercises helped me to really delve into who I am as a person and how I want to present that as a business, and I think that the changes will help me cater to the clients who will fit with me perfectly. The vendors that she paired with to help set up the workshop gave us a beautiful setting for Julie to show us some of the techniques she uses to capture such bright and airy images as well as giving us some unique work to include in our portfolios. Although it was initially hard for me to justify spending that much money on myself, I think it was worth every penny. I believe that this workshop will be the impetus that pushes my business exactly where I want it to be."   -   Chastidyi (Star Noir Photography)
  • "My favorite part was following/watching how you approach a photo shoot and hearing you tell us how you think your way through the process."
  • "Personal Professional was a blast! My pictures were the best I've ever taken!"
  • "You have taught me so much! I feel so inspired and equipped to make changes that my business really needs!"
  • "I loved the group photo shoot! Getting hands on experience without the pressure of a "real" wedding was exactly what I needed to feel more confident about this business."
  • "I feel encouraged to push myself in new ways. You reminded me to dream and that means more than you know."

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