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Hi, I'm Julie ... artist, photographer, potter, etc. I am so happy you are here! I consider this blog my creative journal where I can share my recent work, ideas and dreams, and lots of little details about my life. Please make yourself at home. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a photographer, or just a visitor, I hope you will find inspiration here and even become a friend.

Creative :: South Knoxville Sunflowers

When I heard about a field of sunflowers my heart stopped. Was it true? Did it really exist? Could I get there?

To figure out the answer to those questions my awesome friends got dolled up and we started our journey. Were we deterred by massive thunder and threatening storms? No ... we trecked on. And it was SO worth it!

This is my sassy Ellie friend ... wearing her mother's wedding dress.

South Knoxville Sunflowers, Julie Roberts Photography

Izzy and Brooks ... completely adorable. This photo makes me want to fall in love. (wait, I am in love!)

South Knoxville Sunflowers, Julie Roberts Photography

And a few more of Izzy by herself for her website ...

South Knoxville Sunflowers, Julie Roberts Photography

And as you noticed at the top of my blog and on my "about me" page of the website ... Izzy took some shots of me as well. Thanks Izzy, you're the best. P.S. Izzy is moving to Madrid, Spain in just a few weeks! I miss her already!


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Aug 18, 2009Anonymous
I knew you still loved me! You're welcome for the SoKno heads up on these flowers!

Aug 18, 2009Anonymous
O.K. I want #17 on my wall.


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